About Us

Zarrintoys Company started in 1972 as a manufacturer of plastic products. By exploring the modern technology and machinery, current methods of scientific management, effective strategy design patterns and enjoying precise programs and customer support, zarrin Toys Company has managed to become known as one of the prominent plastic toy producers of the Middle East in about half a century.

Main priority of zarrin toys is to manufacture high quality materials by premium raw materials and machinery, a proof of which is obtaining certificates like iran national standard, European standard and ISO9001:2008. The primary goal of Zarrintoys Company is to create high quality products with reduced end price to fully satisfy the taste of local and international end users and encourage them to buy made in Iran products. Your child is actively playing, learning and exploring. All products under the trade mark of ZARRINTOYS are developed with great attention to detail, multi functionality and safety. Our toys will make your child eager to explore and learn. This is our goal, this is what we strive to and this is Zarrintoy’s promise to you.

Our Goals

We want …

  • particularly satisfied customers!
  • to act with the customer in mind! Therefore we first of all concentrate on the needs of the children!
  • motivated staff! Only if our employees are able to identify with the company and are committed and reliable can we act as a team and compete with others.
  • to act in a socially minded manner! Social benefits for our employees and the social relationship to our partners are important to us. Only a company working with profit in mind is able to secure its future.
  • to continuously develop innovations! The way to success commits us to make innovations a constant issue. This applies to our technical and organisational development as well as to our products!
  • environmentally conscious action! This applies to the use of harmless raw materials and for environmentally gentle production and disposal.
  • to live fair play! We want success, but not at any price. We place importance on fair trading on the market towards employees, customers, suppliers and partners.